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Building Community and Identity


  • Plan specific activities to network parents at every opportunity and ensure that structured interactions are integral to every gathering.
  • Work with a parent team to map your local school community for contacts, resources, organisations and personnel to support your school. Involve them in regular school activities.
  • Create a culture of welcome and involvement through personal invitation.
  • Develop networking opportunities for multi cultural groups and marginalised families .
  • Gather support material and information to advertise local services.
  • Establish a Family Mass Committee to organise grade/class masses which involve families and children and staff and broader parish community - include a morning tea or other gathering afterwards
  • Organisie a creative display of the School Prayer in the school foyer drawing attention to praying for “families we belong to”
  • Work with staff and children, continually making links amongst the community.
  • Provide playground activities to build social cohesion of students generally and social support for particular students.
  • Ensure all gatherings for discussion are relaxed and informal, with a priority on establishing relationships for effective consultative dialogue.
  • Provide personal welcome by phone to new families.
  • Organise Welcome Morning Teas, After Assembly Coffee Catch Ups, Open Days, Grandparents Days, Mother’s Day nights out, Father’s Day Breakfast, Father-Child Movie nights.
  • Encourage Class Parents and P&F teams to organise social activities that focus on building community not just fundraising.


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