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Kindergarten Expo

Monica Palmer, Teacher Educator at Immaculate Heart of Mary, Sefton invites organisations from the local community to exhibit at the expo as well as featuring services the school provides.  Community organisations like Bankstown Library, the local dentist and speech pathologist were invited and the school also hosted their own stalls showcasing things like religious education, technology, literacy and numeracy, special needs, health and nutrition and the P&F stall wasted no time signing up volunteers.  Also present were the Council of Catholic School Parents and the Archdiocese of Sydney.  Parents with little children felt relaxed as they perused the stalls and asked many questions of stall holders taking away lots of 'goodies' in their 'showbags' too. Principal, Teresita Borthwick mixed with parents in an informal and friendly way and parents got to meet a number of the teachers who were on the stalls.  All in all, a great welcome for new parents.


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