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St Brendan's Primary School

Lake Munmorah, NSW

St Brendan’s is located on the NSW Central Coast. It's enrolment profile as of the last census was 392 enrolment and 6% Indigenous enrolments.

An additional group of students attend the school but are enrolled in a satellite class run by ASPECT Australia (for children with autism).

It is a low SES school (School ICSEA value: 966 and SES: 88) in challenging circumstances.

St Brendan’s mission is to:

“support and supplement the efforts of parents in providing a total education for their children. Hence the Staff and the parents united together will encourage the children to live like Christ, to live Christian values on which their spiritual and intellectual life can be based”.

St Brendan’s 2010 Annual School Plan specifically acknowledges parents and identifies strategies to support parents as part of the learning community. In particular it identifies the need for the engagement of parent workshop facilitators to build on the capacity of parents in the school community and identifies the need to address parent and community learning foci as part of the school’s integrated professional learning plan.

St Brendan’s currently has a whole of school numeracy focus. As part of its numeracy plan it has identified the need to:

  • Ensure parents are informed of student’s learning needs in Numeracy and engage parents in looking at ways of supporting this learning at home.
  • Publish Numeracy Plans and ensure the community is well- informed about the progress of Numeracy at the school

There is a ‘personnel infrastructure’ to support parent and community engagement in this school. This case study looks at these roles.

St Brendan’s employs a part-time Family Liaison Officer to support parents as partners in children’s learning at school and at home, build community and social cohesion, build on parents’ sense of self efficacy in their parenting at home and support parent involvement in school decision-making and school activities.

To find out more download the St Brendan's case study PDF.


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