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Connecting Learning at School and Home

Research Information

  • Academically successful students tend to have higher levels of support for learning at home (Goos et al., 2002).
  • National Network of Partnership Schools (NNPS) at Johns Hopkins University provides schools and education authorities with research based tools and guidelines to help them plan, implement and maintain “comprehensive and goal oriented programs of school, family and community partnerships” (Epstein, 2009) p27 NNPS also provides guidance on evaluations.
  • “Parents and the Home Environment they create are the single most important factor in shaping their children’s achievements and prospects” (2007, p1) Every Parent Matters , 2007 UK.
  • A DEEWR report on quality teacher professional development found that as a whole, teachers have an interest in forming stronger links with their school’s communities. The report suggests that “teacher professional learning might be directed towards a better understanding of community needs and school /community relations” and recommends that governments and education authorities “might encourage and seek to develop relationships between schools and community groups (including parents) that facilitate and promote such learning” (National Mapping of Teacher Professional Learning Project Report 2009: 262).
  • There has been a renewed policy emphasis on transparency and accountability, resulting in changes to the ways in which Australian students’ school performance is reported to parents. (Ridgway, 2006) Emerging from within this policy context has been an increasing awareness that there is an ongoing need for parents and families to be provided with a range of necessary tools in order to effectively support their children’s learning and outcomes.Research internationally has shown that these concerns have begun to make their way into pre-service teacher education and professional development (Hujala, et al, 2009; Mortier, et al, 2009).

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