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Connecting Learning at School and Home
This key dimension emphasises
  • Teachers and parents having an understanding that children 'learn everywhere' and there are important overlaps between home, school and the community
  • Teachers and parents understanding the benefits that come from effective partnerships - for children’s learning and outcomes and for parents and teachers themselves
  • Schools providing opportunities, sometimes in partnership with others, for parental self-growth, adult learning and development of new skills to support children's learning at home
  • Families being informed about and understanding their child’s progress and feeling confident to work with teachers in the educational decision-making affecting their child
  • Schools acknowledging, valuing and supporting the home learning that children bring to school

Research Information

Parents and the Home Environment they create are the single most important factor in shaping their children’s achievements and prospects.

Research has shown that in order to raise achievement, parents need to be both involved in schools and engaged in learning (Harris and Goodall; 2007)

Activities / What can be done

  • Take advantage of every formal and informal meeting or school gathering as an opportunity to emphasise to parents the importance of their role in their children’s learning.
  • Review the school’s homework policy - provide assistance to parents regarding their role in homework activities and provide creative opportunities for parent/family involvement
  • Use school newsletters and class parent meetings to communicate the value of parental involvement in children’s education.

Resources / What you can use

5 Tips for Work Life Balance for Teachers

Top 5 tips for achieving the holy grail of work-life-balance. Open up to new ways of doing what you have always done and aim for a more fulfilled, wholistic year ahead.

Parent Knowledge + Teacher Knowledge

Dr Deb Pushor from University of Saskatchewan describes how combining parent knowledge + teacher knowledge benefits students and the community. Dr Pushor runs a Curriculum of Parents at the University where she works with pre-service teachers to raise their understanding and appreciation of what parents bring to their child's educational experience. This is a must-see for teachers.

Case Studies / What others have done


Primary School Maths Lesson for Parents

St Patrick's, Cessnock invited parents to a maths information session. Teacher, Ashley Borg explained some of the concepts that students learn in the classroom and his explanation of "Open Number Line" was captured on video.