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Connecting Learning at School and Home


  • Take advantage of every formal and informal meeting or school gathering as an opportunity to emphasise to parents the importance of their role in their children’s learning.
  • Review the school’s homework policy - provide assistance to parents regarding their role in homework activities and provide creative opportunities for parent/family involvement
  • Use school newsletters and class parent meetings to communicate the value of parental involvement in children’s education.
  • Explore options for parent involvement in classrooms.
  • Coordinate Transition to high school workshops for Year 6 that enhance the role of parents in a K-12 education system.
  • Identify school-home strategies for particular students with relevant teachers and establishing regular follow-up.
  • Provide information on “Parent Involvement” and “Supporting Your Child’s Learning at Home” in Parent Information Booklets for Kindy parents.
  • Provide referral processes and services to support parents in their role as parents.


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