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5 Tips for Work Life Balance for Teachers

5 February 2018

We all start the year off with the best of intentions and before you know it, we are looking at a pile of unmarked papers, unwashed laundry and unkempt hair!  Then we spiral into a cycle of self-flagelation for all the things we haven't managed to get done.  Well, if you want 2018 to be a better year, take these 5 tips for a better work-life-balance.  And just in case you think you are alone in feeling like you can't manage to 'do it all' read social researcher, Mark McCrindle's article on the statistics behind the reality of our working lives.


2017 Back to School

30 January 2017

The new school year means an opportunity to build faith, learning and well-being partnerships with your child's new teacher and school community.
The P4L has a wealth of resources to help you link learning at school and home.
Here are just a few:


Prayers & Reflections to Welcome Your School Community

30 January 2017

These Prayer booklets have a range of themes of beginnings, respect, diversity and welcome among others. These resources are perfect for parent meetings, P&F / Parent Team meetings and gatherings of schools staff .


Advent 2016

24 November 2016

 Advent is a time of promise, expectation and participation as we prepare for the great celebration of the birth of Jesus.
This prayer reminds us is the time we wait in joyful hope for our God to be born in our hearts. CLICK HERE

Collaboration Forum Wrap-Up “Why Schools Need to be Collaborative Places”

12 May 2016

On Thursday 12 May 2016, Parents, Principals School Executives, Teachers, Systems Leaders & Education Office Staff met in Sydney to explore the question: "Why Schools Need to be Collaborative Places”.

Keynotes were Katherine Henderson and Peter Anthony, along with an energetic panel that inlcuded an extremely articulate student.

Minister Picoli also addressed the audience.

For videos, social media and resources from the day CLICK HERE 


Starting School 2016

5 February 2016

The new school year means an opportunity to build faith , learning and well-being partnerships with your child's new teacher and school community.
The P4L has a wealth of resources to help you link learning at school and home.
Here are just a few:

    Starting the School Journey (Primary)

    Top Tips for Thriving in Year 7

    Essential Conversations: What would you do if ...? (Primary)

    Essential Conversations: What would you do if ...? (Secondary)

    Changing beginning of the year challenges to learning opportunities

    How is Maths taught today? (Videos)



Transition to School - Supporting children with disabilities.

1 February 2016

Starting school is an important milestone in any child and family’s life. For families of children with disabilities, transition to school requires additional thought, time, planning and support to make the process as smooth and positive as possible.

This resource provides a community-wide approach to tranistion to school for young children with disabilities and developmental delays.

Ready families + Ready Community + Ready Services + Ready schools
= Children ready for school.

It is the connections and collaboration between family, community, services and schools which underpin successful transition to school for young children with disabilities.

This re-thinking of what school readiness is results from an increased understanding of the importance of the early years of childhood, and the influences on a child’s development of their relationship with their:

  • family
  • services such as preschool or child care
  • broader community such as community playgroups, friends, religious organisations

Therefore each of these environments has a responsibility to be “school ready”.




NAPLAN Videos for Parents - Newsletter Insert

1 May 2014

Download Newsletter Insert here

What is NAPLAN?

NAPLAN is an annual assessment of literacy and numeracy for Australian students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. It has been part of the school calendar since 2008 and is used by governments, education authorities and schools to determine whether young Australians are meeting important educational goals in literacy and numeracy.

Do I Need to Prepare for NAPLAN:

Parents and grandparents discuss their perspectives on what to do, and what not to do, to help children prepare for NAPLAN.

Why is NAPLAN Valuable?

NAPLAN data is a conversation starter. It is an important tool to encourage discussion about student progress in the fundamentally important areas of literacy and numeracy.

Let's Talk About Criticisms of NAPLAN:

Parent group representatives tackle some of the criticisms of NAPLAN. Hear from the Australian Parents Council, Council of State School Organisations and Council of Catholic School Parents.

View all videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP7WrHp7_iueHgQlABVWm64tZLjb0w9x3


New NAPLAN Resources for Parents Available

26 March 2014

Representatives of a number of Australian parent group bodies answer questions commonly asked about NAPLAN in this series of 4 short videos. What is NAPLAN? Do I Need to Prepare for NAPLAN? Why is NAPLAN Valuable? Let's Talk about the Criticisms of NAPLAN


New video describing parent engagement

27 February 2014

This video has been compiled by the Catholic Education Office, Sydney. It provides an excellent overview of what parental engagement is and what it can look like at different stages of a child's life - from early childhood right through to university.



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